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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Was the Trinity destroyed for 3 days at Jesus' crucifixion?

                                                  He is Risen!

                                                       He is Risen, indeed!

Question:  Christians proclaim that your God is a Trinity.  Yet Christians also claim that Jesus was God, and he DIED!  So for 3 days, what happened to this Trinity?  Was your Trinity destroyed for 3 days until Jesus was resurrected? Your Triune God ceased to exist for 3 days?  

Response:  Death is not the same thing as "ceasing to exist".  Death is not an annihilation.  All death is is a separation of body and soul.  Jesus, as a man, died on Good Friday--his soul separated from his body for 3 days.

But that's NOT the same thing as saying there was no Trinity for 3 days.

Jesus, the Eternal Logos, existed before the Incarnation, continued to exist after his death, in the Trinity.


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